Term and Conditions

Before booking a ticket to Rinjani Mountain National Park via eRinjani, please make sure you have read the following terms and conditions :

  1. Booking service and ticket payment Rinjani Mountain National Park is an online ticket booking and payment service provided by park organizers using the ticket system of Rinjani Mountain National Park online through eRinjani website.
  2. In using the Mountain Rinjani National Park ticket booking service, the User is in a responsible manner agreeing to always provide valid and valid data in accordance with the official identity applicable for proper use in the Rinjani National Park ticket booking process. Any losses arising from any error or omission of the User in informing the data required in this service are the sole responsibility of each User.
  3. The User agrees that any User action in the context of the use of this service is authentic evidence of User's consent, including but not limited to the selection of ticket categories, the selection of entry schedules, filling of the number of climbers and the identity of each climber and so on.
  4. Any losses arising from negligence or misconduct of the User in understanding or following the procedures and procedures of ordering and payment as provided for in these Terms of Conditions and the provisions of the organizer of Mount Rinjani National Park are not the responsibility of the eRinjani.
  5. By booking a ticket to Rinjani Mountain National Park through this service, the User agrees to pay the total fees payable as stated in the pages on the website, consisting of the ticket price that may arise and will be described expressly on the page.
  6. Each booking session is limited by booking deadline and ticket payment. User agrees to make payment before the expiration of the ticket payment. Payments outside the time limit of payment are not permitted and the reservation session process will automatically be canceled.
  7. A valid proof of payment is a proof of payment informed by eRinjani to User upon payment of verified.
  8. Proof of payment is not a ticket that can be used to enter the Mount Rinjani National Park.
  9. Legitimate National Mount Rinjani National Ticket is a ticket issued by eRinjani.